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"NIEDŌ - Evolving From An Unbroken Warrior Line" When you join Niedō, you become part of a dynasty. You won't find anything like it elsewhere in the fragmented world of martial arts.


Although based on Samurai principles, it is firmly in the modern world, with tailored courses to match the abilities of novices, children, and the older generation, including senior citizens.


At Niedō Kickboxing there is a place for you and a way forward, whoever you are.



My son has been doing kickboxing for number of years now. All the Senseis are incredibly helpful and friendly and they have really helped my son develop in so may ways. You couldn't ask for a more nurturing set up for a young person to start their journey in martial arts.

My son says:

"Niedō is for everyone, I've enjoyed every single bit of it. Even though the work is really hard, the rewards you get are outstanding. The teachers are funny, we pupils are probably having the best time of our life and I find that I'm learning skills every Sunday and that's why I'm there. When I got my black belt, it was a truly big honour"



Niedō kick boxing is the best martial arts dojo ever. I've been training for 5 years now and I've loved every session. The sensei's are hard-working, motivated and fun. They help build your confidence, increase your resilience and push your fitness to the next level. Everyone should definitely try a class at Niedō, you won't regret it.



My son joined Niedō Kickboxing a little over a year ago but it feels like we have been a part of this amazing program for much longer. I initially wanted him to learn some self defence but it has has had a broader impact on him and his personality. He's become a more confident young person. Interacting with people of different abilities has been a superb experience for him. He’s also becoming physically fitter. In an age where hours are spent staring at screens this is certainly a great fun way to increase your physical endurance as well as develop a calmer more thoughtful mind. Everyone at Niedo is patient, kind and diciplined. From the Senseis to the students. The facility is well kept and we're looking forward to continuing training with them.



I have been going to Niedō Kickboxing for just over 8 years. It is a warm and friendly place with high quality instructors that know how to push you, without being too over the top. The breadth of teaching styles will appeal to the casual martial artist as well as those looking for a more intense experience. There are classes for all levels. Seems to be a roughly equal mix of male and female students. I personally feel everyone should practice some form of martial art to some degree. It does unparalleled good for the Mind, Body and Soul… And Niedō Kickboxing is an excellent place to start! Ouss!


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