Niedō Kickboxing is planning to reopen from April 12th. In the meantime, we are offering 1:1 private park classes, which can be booked by calling 07902 194909 or emailing

As always, we have online memberships through our


When you join Niedō, you become part of a dynasty. You won't find anything like it elsewhere in the fragmented world of martial arts. Niedō is the real thing.

Niedō is for E V E R Y O N E.

Although based on Samurai principles, it is firmly in the modern world, with tailored courses to match the abilities of novices, children, and the older generation, including senior citizens.

About Niedo Kickboxing


We offer a variety of membership packages with classes open to everyone from all levels, experience and ages. At Niedō, there is a place for you and a way forward, whoever you are.


About Niedo Kickboxing

The Niedō Team

Our Instructors are world class, full-time professionals who are fully insured, licensed, DBS checked and qualified in first aid.

About Niedo Kickboxing

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Niedō different from other martial arts clubs?

In a word – superior. Take a look at how clean the dojo is. Study the professional curriculum. See the quality and qualifications of the Instructors. Remember the history: Niedō derives from an unbroken warrior line of British, European and World Champions, ready to share their passion and pass on their skills and experience to future generations. You won't find anything else like it in the fragmented world of martial arts. Niedō is the real thing.

Do I have to be fit when I join?

We welcome people at all levels of unfitness! Our Instructors are trained to assess your individual level of fitness, and ensure your programme is paced accordingly. In other words, we adapt our training and skills to your situation, not the other way round.

Will I get fit?

Yes, if you train with us regularly. But here's the good bit. We don't have a policy of 'no pain no gain'. Instead, our warm-ups and stretching exercises are tailored to make you feel good, not exhausted. And you'll discover that true fitness is as much to do with the mind as the body. In other words, by having fun and learning self-defence techniques, your fitness comes as an automatic bonus.

Will I get hurt?

We make it our policy to ensure that no-one gets hurt or feels unsafe in any way. Although martial arts are known as contact sports, Niedō Kickboxing is based on having fun, not hurting each other. The skills we teach you will certainly improve your self-defence and confidence in life, but there are no cuts and bruises involved in the curriculum. That is why Niedō is equally suitable for women as men, as well as children and retired people.

Are there dedicated changing rooms, showers and toilets?

Of course.

What do I need to bring to my first Niedō Kickboxing lesson?

Enthusiasm and energy, you are going to enjoy your Niedō experience!

Wear loose clothing - tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt are best, plus a clean pair of socks. Also bring a towel and a bottle of water.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to their first lesson.

What does a Niedō Kickboxing lesson cost?

Classes range from £15 - £23 per class depending on the programme you choose.

We will explain the options after your .

Contact the Club with any queries you may have. 458 0888

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