Grey Belt

Grey Belt

Sensei Jonathan has travelled a long way to follow his ambitions. Born in USA, Sensei Jonathan was brought up engrossed in martial arts finding his passion through such classics as Karate Kid and Power Rangers. As a result he took up Taekwondo and absorbed himself in the training and discipline. Sensei Jonathan would later expand his martial arts experience by training heavily in boxing. At 21 he moved from the US to Germany, and later from Germany to the UK, all the while divulging in the art of fighting. Ambition took Sensei Jonathon to London, where he joined the ranks of Dai Master Raf and took up his position at Niedō.

Sensei Jonathan has a deep passion for languages, no matter your dialect Sensei Jonathan will always put in the effort to either interact in the language (having already possessed a strong understanding of a magnitude of languages) or he'll put in the extra effort to learn the language outside of hours. Jonathan also has a background in medical training and still holds his knowledge gained from this training. Finally, you will always catch Jonathon with a big smile on his face and positive attitude.

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