1st Dan

1st Dan

Sensei Joshua did not become a Niedō Kickboxing Instructor in typical fashion. Born and raised in a town not far from London called Aylesbury, his first love has always been music and he has dedicated much of his early life to it.

In 2012, Sensei Joshua embarked on a dancing course at a professional dance college where he was educated in multiple styles of dance. From this, he managed to earn a place in the West End musical Thriller Live. Soon after, his dancing career propelled to even greater heights and he has performed in shows all over the world, including the World of Dance, the FA Cup Final at Wembley, the Olympics 2012, the Venetian Hotel (in Macau!), Comic Relief, and many more.

However, Sensei Joshua felt that it was time for a new challenge and curiosity brought him to our doorstep. He quickly learned that he had a strong passion for kickboxing, and his natural poise, grace and rhythm acquired from his years as a dancer held him in good stead to quickly rise up the ranks.

Sensei Joshua had this to say about his journey:

"Niedō Kickboxing is fantastic for me. It helps me keep supple and agile on my feet as well as improving my mindset and positive outlook on life. The benefits that I have gained from my Niedō training and teaching are undeniable and I have Master Raf to thank for that. At less than one year in, I feel I am making excellent strides forward and I hope to compete in the Spanish Open tournament this year."

From newbie to competing in under a year?! Sensei Joshua might just be one to keep your eye on.

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