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Monday 21st December 2020

In light of the recent news, we want to inform our members how we plan to tackle Tier 4. We will have to suspend training in the dojo and close our doors once again, effective immediately. However, and will continue!

We will be booking park training immediately, so please call 0790 2194 909 or email us to book in.

All members will be able to make up any classes missed on their return to the dojo and we can confirm that no classes will be lost from this situation. As the government plans to review this decision on 30th December, we are hopeful that we will reopen for January. If Tier 4 continues into January, we will freeze memberships and keep you up to date.

We are all forced to make frequent changes in order to overcome the virus and see it out the door. However, it is important that we keep our fitness, spirits and mental health up. Stay committed, stay positive and stay connected.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Stay safe!


Team Niedō

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