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Thursday 7th March 2019

In her follow up article, friend to Niedō, Food Nutritionist Kate Law provides her expert no nonsense insights on nutrition and training with an adult focus.

Remember that Kate will visiting us at the Dojo on Tuesday 12th March 5pm where she will give a short talk followed by a Q&A session on the subject of nutrition and healthy eating.

Niedō Kickboxing is committed to working with leaders in the sphere of health and well being to spread best practice for all our students so please feel free to come along and listen to Kate and have her answer your questions.

This talk is provided free to all students and parents of Students of Niedō Kickboxing, please register your interest with Sensei Denise beforehand.


More often than not nutrition and training advice is given based on "because it works for me it will work for you" rather than it being based on science. So I've broken down the scientific jargon and provided my top three tips to ensure your nutrition supports a consistent training session and that you recover well.

1. Start your session hydrated. If you train first thing in the morning make sure you drink some fluid in between waking and on your way to training. You can include caffeine as part of this however I'd encourage water or sugar free squash to accompany a caffeinated beverage. The caffeine can also enhance your training session.

2. Protein is your friend post training. As long as you consume complete high quality protein (chicken, turkey, fish, whey or vegan powder, eggs, milk to name a few) within 12 hours of your session your muscles can use this to repair. For a long time this window was thought to be one hour. However, that only applies if you are planning on training again within a 12 hour window. So if you have an evening session followed by a morning session then you'd benefit from protein consumption within an hour of your session finishing. More than likely something like a protein shake will come in handy here purely from a convenience perspective. If you have two sessions scheduled which are more than 24 hours apart then as long as you consume protein with your meals throughout that day your muscles have enough time to utilise this for repair.

3. Don't start your session hungry or with the potential that you’ll feel hungry halfway through. On training days I'd suggest being a little bit more rigid about when you eat. Training fasted in the morning may work for you, if you are someone who trains during the day or the evening then ensure you have eaten within 2 hours of starting. Good snack options include oatcakes with hummus or cottage cheese, celery with peanut butter or the trusty trail mix. If you turn up under fuelled you can't expect to perform at your best, your car won't go without petrol and neither will you.

And a non-nutrition tip - but certainly health focussed, do not train at the detriment of your sleep.

Please email Sensei Denise to confirm your attendance on Tuesday 12th March at 5pm.

Can't attend the talk? No problem, please email any question you may have to Sensei Denise and we'll ask Kate her expert opinion and video her answer for you!

We very much look forward to welcoming Kate to our Dojo next Tuesday.

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