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Thursday 31st January 2019

A recent Telegraph article highlighted the contemporary phenomenon of older people in training, building health and fitness like never before. It quotes Nuffield Health's findings that people in their 60s are making time for exercise more than any other age group. It specifically names Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore and Davina McCall (yes, these beauties have become middle-aged when you weren't looking!) as having reached new fitness heights in the second half of their lives (did you know Davina swum the channel in her 40s and qualified as a personal trainer in her 50s?).


These are not, however, new findings for us here at Niedo. They merely confirm what we have known all along. But it's really good news that so many mature people are getting into this mindset. Exercise doesn't have to be stressful or back-breaking. And it doesn't take a genius to conclude that regular stretching, oxygenating your lungs, and general body co-ordination are likely to make you feel good. And when you feel good, you kick the ageing process down the road, psychologically and almost certainly physically. There's plenty of evidence that exercise which makes you feel good also makes you look good, while helping keep serious diseases like diabetes and cancer at bay.

Older people have really woken up to this and decided that, after all, they're immortal! Well, maybe not quite, but certainly that they can hold their own with people half their age.

Quoting that Telegraph article again: "Exercise smart, not hard". Exactly our philosophy at Niedo. And we know what we're talking about. Niedo is founded and run by World and European Kickboxing Champions, some of whom are now middle-aged themselves! We know how the body works, how to get fit and stay fit without busting yourself. How to remain flexible. Above all, how to have fun while loosening up and strengthening your body and your mind, in the company of other 'silver samurais'.

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