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Training with Niedō Champions is the best way of becoming a Champion. Rooted in the Niedō Kickboxing environment, a child will progress in the real rather than the virtual world. They will interact with others, sharing the excitement that can inspire ambition and encourage them to raise their sights and fulfil their aims.


We have developed the champions programme for young people of all ages, ethnic origin and gender.

It is unlike any other extra-curricular activity, as Martial Arts holds a unique key. It has been proven to increase concentration and focus, which is then reflected in behaviour generally, improving grades at school and relationships with fellow students and peers.

Safe and Fulfilling

Our aim is to give young people confidence, instilling discipline, courtesy and respect, with a good level of fitness and flexibility.

Martial Arts nurtures self development in a controlled environment, teaching life skills which help identify and deal with potentially dangerous situations, how to deal with bullying, avoiding confrontation and seeking help when appropriate - becoming 'street smart'.

Healthy for Mind and Body

Our aim is to improve young people's basic motor skills, as well as their positive mental skills, whereby young adults can enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook.

Helps overcome shyness and insecurity.

Experience has proven that confidence will be achieved through reward and recognition of technique performed - Courtesy and Respect will be achieved through Discipline.


At Niedō Kickboxing, your child can make rapid progress through the belt grades without compromising technique or the effectiveness of every move. This is due to Dai Master Rafael Nieto's unique curriculum. At special grading sessions they will be tested on their ability to demonstrate their skills and meet the grade criteria.

Gradings are always an exciting occasion and can be attended by family and friends.

Duke Of Edinburgh

This activity may count towards your Duke of Edinburgh's Award Skills Physical Section, please check with your DofE Leader for applicability before booking.

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